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Soccer Through The Ages - Stop Motion Project

This short video was intended to chronicle a brief visul history of the sport of association football (soccer) from the Ming Dynasty hacky sack to Mob Football all over Europe. I had a lot of fun making this video. I discovered much about the history of my favorite sport.

3D Animation Motion Test

This video was born out of my dabbling in Maya and 3D animating.

UNCA Viral Video and Promotion

This video was made for entertainment in conjunction with UNCA goalkeeper Lassi Hurskainen (a Mass Communitcations Major). I had brainstormed with Lassi for some of the trick ideas and aided in filming and production. I handled most of the distribution and promoting the video. It has since gotten global attention and helped Lassi and our soccer program gain recognition.

One Inch Tall - Type In Motion Animation

For my type in motion project I chose to animate a portion of the poem "One Inch Tall" by my childhood favorite author Shel Silverstein. Created in After Affects.

UNCA Viral Video and Promotion Part 2

This is the second installment of the Lassi Hurskainen's Trick Shot videos. This was created due to popular demand and therefore conceived to up the ante in difficulty of tricks from the first video. I was featured in the opening scene and filming.